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C5-Pocket Bag - Small

C5-Pocket Bag - Small
C5-Pocket Bag - Small
C5-Pocket Bag - Small
C5-Pocket Bag - Small

C5-Pocket Bag - Small

The visual representation of the design showcases a bag adorned with charming small compartments, each serving a different purpose. These compartments range from drawstring pockets to zipper compartments and lid pockets, contributing to both the aesthetics and practicality of the bag. The drawstring pocket adds a touch of elegance, while the C5's zipper box pocket compartment poses a unique challenge in sewing, requiring skilled artisans due to its intricate design. The smaller and more box-like the compartment, the greater the difficulty, despite its primary purpose being ornamental, lending a cute and decorative appearance. The lid pockets introduce a distinctive curved shape, providing a visually appealing feature upon initial inspection.

The bag's 5cm straps are adjustable, allowing for versatile wear options, including cross-body or shoulder-worn styles, with the flexibility to customize the size according to preference.

In terms of functionality, the C5-Pockets Bag is designed to accommodate various daily essentials, such as a long wallet, phone, A6 notebook, and more. It seamlessly combines style and practicality, making it an ideal accessory for everyday use.


Dimensions (L x Width x Depth)

22cm x 18cm x 6cm


500 g

Long crossbody strap

120 cm


Glossy PU leather


Black / Dark Red / Brown / Cream



Inner lining material


How to lock


Made in



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