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Eyelet Lace Bag - Small

Eyelet Lace Bag - Small
Eyelet Lace Bag - Small

Eyelet Lace Bag - Small

LACE bags not only capture the essence of Y2K style but also seamlessly integrate with contemporary handbag trends, featuring a distinct semicircular shape. The back of the bag maintains a sleek, unadorned surface, catering to those who prefer a more minimalist look.

A standout feature of the LACE bag is its side pocket, intricately designed to emulate a sports shoelace knot. Given the English term for shoelace is "shoeslace," CHAUTFIFTH aptly named the bag LACE.

The 5cm bag strap posed a significant decision in the mass production process for CHAUTFIFTH. The consideration revolved around choosing between a smaller strap for enhanced comfort and a 5cm strap that imparts personality to the overall design. The strap's versatility allows for adjustments, accommodating short shoulder, long shoulder, or short crossbody wear, and offers an exceptionally flexible long crossbody option.

These bags are available in small and large sizes:

- Small size (S): perfectly suited for accommodating large phones like the iPhone Pro Max and small everyday items.

Dimensions (L x Width x Depth)

21cm x 12cm x 5cm


400 g

Long crossbody strap

120 cm


Glossy PU leather


Black / White



Inner lining material


How to lock


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