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C2-Pocket Hobo Bag

C2-Pocket Hobo Bag
C2-Pocket Hobo Bag
C2-Pocket Hobo Bag
C2-Pocket Hobo Bag
C2-Pocket Hobo Bag

C2-Pocket Hobo Bag

Introducing the Hobo Bag C2, a stylish hobo bag featuring two pockets. This bag adopts the classic hobo shape but with a distinctive twist – a unique point at the bottom that adds an eye-catching element. Unlike conventional straight sewing, the curved bottom is meticulously crafted, enhancing the bag's aesthetic appeal when viewed from the front. The front boasts a skillfully sewn drawstring pocket, positioned at a slight angle, along with another distinctive box pocket on the shoulder – a harmonious and spontaneous combination.

To further personalize the bag, it includes a D ring where you can attach charms or other accessories. Despite these unique features, the bag doesn't compromise on its practicality as a hobo bag, capable of accommodating a variety of items based on its size. The medium size comfortably fits an A5 notebook.

In terms of security, the bag is equipped with a top zipper closure, providing enhanced protection compared to a traditional magnet button closure. The Hobo Bag C2 seamlessly blends style and functionality, making it a versatile and distinctive accessory for any occasion.


Dimensions (L x Width x Depth)

46cm x 30cm x 7cm


500 g

Long crossbody strap

120 cm


PU leather


Black / Dark Red / Brown / Cement Blue / Cream



Inner lining material


How to lock


Made in



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